EyeLogic SDK  1.1.5
ELApi::DeviceConfig Struct Reference

Device configuration. More...

#include "ELApi.h"

Public Attributes

uint64_t deviceSerial
int32_t numFrameRates
uint8_t frameRates [16]
int32_t numCalibrationMethods
uint8_t calibrationMethods [16]

Detailed Description

Device configuration.

Member Data Documentation

◆ calibrationMethods

uint8_t calibrationMethods[16]

array of available calibration methods [number of calibration points], use only the entries calibrationMethods[0] ... calibrationMethods[numCalibrationMethods-1]

◆ deviceSerial

uint64_t deviceSerial

serial number of the device as unsigned 64-bit int for a verbose format, print it as 8-digit hex number

◆ frameRates

uint8_t frameRates[16]

array of available framerates [Hz], use only the entries frameRates[0] ... frameRates[numFrameRates-1]

◆ numCalibrationMethods

int32_t numCalibrationMethods

number of available calibration methods

◆ numFrameRates

int32_t numFrameRates

number of available framerates