Market and User Research

With the help of eye tracking, you can easily analyze the interest and decision-making processes of consumers and their reaction to advertising messages. Besides evaluating consumer behavior, eye tracking is a powerful tool to analyze websites and applications – it will assist you in crafting a positive user experience.

Consumer Behavior

The eye tracking technology derives first-hand insights into the impact of the consumer environment on their shopping behavior. With the help of different parameters of gazing behavior recorded with an eye tracker, the prediction of consumers’ choices can be made, and various components of attention can be analyzed to understand their role in consumer preference formation.

Neuromarketing and Advertising

Exploring eye movement patterns allows for better insights into consumer experience and helps decide how to package and advertise the product effectively. Instead of relying on traditional marketing strategies such as surveys, focus groups, and observation, the eye tracking technology helps understand which elements of an exposure attract and engage the consumers’ attention and which details go unnoticed. Such data allows for creating actionable marketing campaigns leading to increased conversions.

Usability Research

For usability testing, visual behavior analysis helps to understand authentic user behavior. Eye tracking provides detailed data on user behavior patterns, the perception and understanding of the content, and uncovers usability problems.