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Get deeper insights with eye tracking technology

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eye tracking technology

EyeLogic remote eye tracking devices enable researchers and businesses to get insights into human behavior. Our devices provide a non-invasive and powerful method to reveal attentional focus and cognitive strategies. Use eye tracking in different fields such as:

Eye tracking in academic research

Academic Research

In academic research, eye tracking is used in the lab and in natural environments to investigate behavioral, affective and cognitive processes underlying human attention, learning and memory. Eye tracking helps understand the reasons and motivation for eye movements and how we capture visual information.


By analyzing gaze and eye movement patterns, researchers in the learning sciences use eye tracking to understand students’ social, cognitive and affective skills and assess the efficacy of educational interventions.

Eye tracking in education
Eye tracking in consumer behavior

Consumer Behaviour

With the help of eye tracking, you can easily measure the interest and decision-making processes of consumers as well as their reaction to advertising messages. Besides evaluating consumer behavior, eye tracking is a powerful tool to analyze websites and application – it will assist you in crafting a positive user experience.

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